A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

Tuesday June 18, 2013 Written by chris

John Casey has left his mark on us. Quite literally: we ordered stamps from his tiny New York store to shoot the volume seven cover. And you can too. 

Casey is one of those success stories that prompts the phrase 'only in America', which is part of the charm. He's been in the States for 30 years, but still speaks like he's straight out of Ireland. For most of that time he's been building a name for himself, hand-making good old-fashioned stamps and selling them to everyone from the man on the street to A-list celebrities (though not to drug dealers).

You can order Casey Rubber Stamps stamps by email, but it's even better to call so you can hear his accent. Whether you're after the embossed ink likeness of a penny-farthing or something of your own creation (he can make custom stamps if you have a design in mind), Casey's the guy.

We're currently running a subs promo with the stamp man too. Subscribe to Smith over the next month and you could win a pack of stamps, hand-picked by Casey. For the full details, head to our subscription page.

You'll find a feature on Casey Rubber Stamps in Smith volume seven. Purchase a copy, find your closest local stockist, or subscribe.

Images: Marco Scozzaro