Some people have a Hills Hoist in their backyard. Wayne Coyne has a giant disco ball. 

Meet Karim the Bladesmith

Monday July 09, 2018

Behold a master at work in the latest episode of Rough Hands.

Bibliophilia and design fetishism had a baby, and they called it 'Book Worship'.

Famous Writers' Writing Shacks

Saturday June 30, 2018

How some of history’s greatest writers found inspiration in a shack out the back.

Beccy Bromilow cobbles together a pretty sweet life handcrafting shoes from roo leather. 

Before it made its way to the moon (and your cool friends’ wedding invitations), the font of our times was almost wiped out by the Nazis.

Flipbook animations, secret musical scores and glowing Northern Lights: these are just some of the things designers have used to spruce up the world’s most experimental passports.

Oh, and scientists have created an edible, biodegradable water bottle.

Usually it’s a bad sign when fungus starts growing inside your house… 

Visiting these Minecraft models of secret underground bunkers designed to protect US and Russian leaders during a nuclear war is fun… and also kind of disturbing.