The modern-day cartographers at This Way make the case for putting down the GPS and unfolding some nicely designed sheets of paper.

An Italian artist asked people to draw a bike from memory, and turned their sketches into strange 3D renderings. 

Floating On The Floodplains

Saturday August 25, 2018

Annual floods plague the Soomaa forests of Estonia, but a group of design students aren’t fighting the problem – they’re working with it.

Data meets literature (and makes some surprisingly eye-catching art in the process).

Bunker building is on the rise for the first time since the Cold War. Which is, ah, concerning. 

Finally: someone has invented a rocking chair that will knit you a beanie while you gently coo yourself to sleep. 

This Indian city looks like it’s from a sci-fi film. Are its ideals more grounded in reality?

When that run-down laundromat finally shutters its doors, Drew Leshko’s painstakingly detailed models will remain.

The Lost Art of Matchbox Design

Wednesday August 01, 2018

This collection of old matchboxes is proof that, back in the day, you couldn’t start a fire without some art.

It's been a ghost town for years, but you’ll soon be able to sleep at JFK Airport's iconic Terminal 5.