Ever wondered what a letter from Nikola Tesla would look like? Or what kind of stationery Kate Bush used? Wonder no more, with this archive of famous people's letterheads.

Giveaway: Norlan Whisky Glasses

Thursday October 25, 2018

For too long, the whisky-drinking world has disagreed about what receptacle they should be drinking from. The Norlan finally settles the argument – and we have some to give away.

Forest Megaphones

Tuesday October 23, 2018

Music to our ears: to amplify the sounds of nature, a group of students have installed massive megaphones in the Estonian forest.

Shopping Trolley Furniture

Friday October 12, 2018

This furniture designer is giving tired old shopping trolleys a second chance – by transforming them into your new couch.

The Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube

Tuesday October 02, 2018

Has science gone too far?

Build a Mini Car

Tuesday September 25, 2018

At just 60cm long, this handmade car might be the smallest thing to tear up the streets.

The Sci-Fi Sounds of the Yaybahar

Tuesday September 18, 2018

This instrument is both the strangest and coolest thing you’ll hear this side of a sci-fi film.

Defying the laws of both architecture and gravity, the Smith Mansion is testimony to one man’s delirious (and ultimately tragic) dream.

The modern-day cartographers at This Way make the case for putting down the GPS and unfolding some nicely designed sheets of paper.

An Italian artist asked people to draw a bike from memory, and turned their sketches into strange 3D renderings.