Kiosk Kiosk

Tuesday February 28, 2012

A combination of no-fuss utilitarian design objects and wacked-out wonder makes Kiosk Kiosk everyman's sorta shop. 

Little Sun

Monday February 27, 2012

Olafur Eliasson - he who built waterfalls under New York bridges and put the sun inside the Tate Modern has unveiled a new project.

Bags for good

Friday February 24, 2012

Backpack people Eastpak are known for making no fuss baggage, so what's all this then?

New Herschel

Thursday February 23, 2012

As if they didn't already have us at "Hello", affordable heritage-inspired baggage label Herschel teamed up with adventurous Canadian photographer Stephen Wilde to create a new series of photos.  

A balanced bookeeper

Wednesday February 22, 2012

Ahh, ain't it a great sense of accomplishment completing a book? Or at least moving it from the 'to peruse' pile to the 'perused!'? 

Ed's Threads

Tuesday February 21, 2012

When 21-year-old Australian stunt rider Ed Bonnin took his own life in 2009, his family and friends decided to do something about it. 


Monday February 20, 2012

Soft drinks, beer and wine all taste way better out of a glass container. (Sorry cask wine.) So putting that most sacred of beverages - coffee - in a glass bottle is an inspired idea. 

Chalking the world

Monday February 20, 2012

Ever wanted to start a world war but don't know where to begin? Like Albert Einstein, dirtsa studio may have innocently created a weapon that can gift dreams of global domination to the masses.

Pipe down

Friday February 17, 2012

Behind every great woman there's a great man, so let's spare a second for designer Katie Katzenmeyer's husband Andy.  


Wednesday February 15, 2012

Unless you count email signatures, not many of us have letterheads these days. Online curator Shaun Usher has gone ahead and collected a whole heap together anyway.