Tuesday September 04, 2012

They say "writing about music is like dancing about architecture", but thankfully words and architecture have a much more harmonious relationship.

Knuckle Brush-ters

Wednesday August 22, 2012

"A long time ago I had a few problems with a hairdresser, then I designed this gadget."

Casual Tuesday (giveaway)

Tuesday August 21, 2012

ADIDAS is sick of being typecast and the 2012 blue men's collection is out to change our preconceptions of what the humble 'three stripe' is capable of.

We Are All The Champions

Thursday August 16, 2012

The I.O.C is so picky with the events and sports that get medals – where's the gold for funniest tweet?

The LEGO Man

Wednesday August 08, 2012

Since rescuing his LEGO collection from his loft over a year ago, Bristol guy DeTomaso Pantera has put together hundreds of plastic brick creations in his 'Legoboratory'.


Monday August 06, 2012

Why lycra? Why, dear god, lycra? Yes, we understand the stretch, the comfort, the aerodynamics, all that, but cycling isn't just for winning, is it?

Hut on Sleds

Monday August 06, 2012

Just the name of this one ticks important boxes for us, especially from the vantage point of a deadline desk.

A different page

Wednesday August 01, 2012

The guys at Sydney studio Page Thirty Three definitely think outside the box, but they also put a lot of thought into the box itself. 

Truck Nest

Wednesday August 01, 2012

Tokuhiko Kise made his first piece of furniture using scraps of wood from a garbage bin. Jump forward nine years and he's heading up a mini furniture, food and family empire, which is beautifully documented in a new book.

Pegging one on

Saturday July 28, 2012

A group of Brisbane design students have some big plans for the humble clothes peg.