When Gábor Kasza decided to turn his photos of unfinished concrete buildings into a book, he knew exactly what to make the slipcase out of: the hard, grey stuff itself. 

The Camper Kart

Wednesday May 17, 2017

Tiny homes don’t come much tinier than the Camper Kart – a one-person pop-up sleeper made out of recycled materials and affixed to a shopping trolley. 

A new project aims to recreate the Japanese metropolis in 100 tiny, 3D-printed pieces.

Get Bent

Saturday May 13, 2017

At a time where electronics are often replaced rather than repaired, a rogue group of hackers are soldering against the system. They are circuit benders, and they’re giving new life to old tech.

Gangs in the '70s and '80s meant business – so much so that many even had their own business cards. A new book by urban historian Brandon Johnson looks at 60 of the best.

“Sound tracker” Gordon Hempton is on a mission to save the last silent places in nature. 

The Encyclopaedia of Robots

Tuesday May 02, 2017

When the singularity occurs and we’re all enslaved by machines, it’ll pay to be on the good side of whoever runs, a one-stop repository of information about – you guessed it – old robots.

Melbourne studio yelldesign make mouth-watering, paper cut-inducing meals and cocktails entirely out of paper. 

Truck in a Box

Saturday April 22, 2017

The world’s first flat-packed car might just be the most important vehicle of the 21st century.

Can’t keep your pot plants alive? This robotic enhancement might be just what you – and your plants – need.