Soviet Bus Stops

Friday February 07, 2020 Written by Ronan

Say what you will about the former Soviet Union, but they sure designed some interesting bus stops. Photographer Christopher Herwig became fixated with their creative take on the humble bus shelter when he moved to Kazakhstan in 2003. He then travelled to 13 other countries in the region to see what architectural curiosities their public transport infrastructure might turn up, and captured the result in this photo series.

The nicer designs include colourful tepees made out of painted slabs of concrete, mini-soviet palaces and giant mosaic-adorned wave structures. Others are less inviting: this steel and concrete edifice looks more like something that might devour you than a place to put your feet up and relax.

The shelters were located hundreds of miles apart, across the five ‘Stans and Caucasus. To save us all the difficult trip (his curious pilgrimage led to a number of accusations of being a spy), Herwig has compiled the collection into a book, titled Soviet Bus Stops. Great travel reading.