The Surprisingly Awesome Graphic Design of the World’s Best Passports

Monday February 03, 2020 Written by Genevieve

Passport designThe Norwegian passport under regular light.

In the aftermath of Brexit, the U.K. (or what’ll be left of it if “Scexit” happens) is set to spruce up its existing passport with a new post-Euro look.

The powers-that-be have opened up the brief in the form of a competition, and after reading about of the world’s most graphically impressive passports in this Deezen profile, we think entrants have got a few sweet starting-points for inspiration.

Unsurprisingly, the Scandinavians get first mention for best design, with Finland incorporating flip-book style animations of elk and swans into the pages of their last two passport incarnations. Norway made artistic use of a security function by including a backdrop of the Northern Lights that can only be seen under UV light.

Passport designThe Norwegian passport under a UV light.

They're not alone in the secret image club: Hungary's passport contains hidden a hidden musical score too. And of course, the Swiss, those trailblazers of craftsperson-ship, were apparently the first to call in professional graphic designers to knock together their passport, which sports some daring primary colours (as opposed to the usual pastels) and delightful pastoral imagery, inside and out.

Passport designThe Hungarian passport under a UV light.

Passport designThe Swiss passport, which has no hidden imagery, but is pretty eye-catching all the same.

To get the full lowdown, head over to Dezeen