Inside Austria’s Futuristic Modular Tree Houses

Thursday October 31, 2019 Written by Kit


Tree houses are fundamentally childlike because they’re fundamentally impractical. For a 12-year-old, living up a tree and (hypothetically) getting into adventures with magical woodland creatures sounds like a prudent real estate investment. But adults get bogged down in practical details: lack of running water, splinters, increased chance of being eaten alive by possums, and so on.

Well, the architects at Austrian firm Precht have turned their backs on grown-up pragmatism. They’ve just designed a modular, eco-friendly tree house called Bert. “As architects, no matter if young or old, we have an inner child that looks at the world with playfulness and curiosity,” explains the studio. “That curiosity makes us want to explore, experiment, create. That same curiosity gave birth to Bert.”



Because Bert is a modular design, you can essentially ‘stack’ these segments to create any sort of tree house you want. The exterior is built from leaf-like shingles, which help it blend into the surrounding trees. Each room can also be twisted and orientated, to better catch the afternoon sun.


Bert is still in the conceptual stage, but Precht hopes that all our forests will one day be filled with composting, sustainable tree houses. Something to satisfy your inner 12-year-old and your inner Scandinavian design nerd.


Via Dezeen