These Minimalist Bongs Are So Beautiful They Almost Don't Look Like Bongs

Wednesday September 04, 2019 Written by James

Bongs aren’t usually things you display proudly on the mantelpiece. And not just because they raise awkward questions with in-laws and sugar-seeking neighbours.

Bong aesthetics haven’t really evolved beyond flaming skulls and dragons over the last 50 years. Putting aside a certain ‘DIY ingenuity’ (usually involving scissors and a plastic bottle), the language of bong design has always been – rather appropriately – monosyllabic.

But one St Petersburg design agency, Backyard Ceramics, has taken bongs to the next level. Beautiful bongs. Minimalist bongs. The sort of bongs you could plausibly pass-off as avant-garde sculpture to curious older relatives. 

“We saw that Russian smoking culture is closely associated with repulsive imagery: grotesque acid colors and predictable visual patterns,” the team told Calvert Journal. “We strive to create products that are both perfectly functional, and would make a decent addition to any interior.”