Living on the Edge at Norway’s Newest Design Hotel

Wednesday August 21, 2019 Written by James

Hotel G1 

Dangling from Norway’s vertiginous Preikestolen – a 600-metre cliff high above the inky Lysejjorden fjords – is the world’s most ambitious new design hotel. Or it might be, if it gets funding.

With the working-title 'Pushing Your Luck' (that’s just our suggestion, but hey, it might catch on) the nine-suite hotel is the latest zany idea from Turkish firm Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio.

Guests will enter the hotel from the cliff top, sleeping in designer rooms right on the rock face. You’ll find the real daredevils down by the pool, which is cantilevered above the valley floor. It’s potentially the only pool on Earth where involuntary peeing is, if not encouraged, at least forgiven.

Hotel G2

“Preikestolen has been one of the most exciting places to me through the years,” studio founder Hayri Atak told De Zeen. “One day a friend of mine sent me photos of 'the rock' she captured during her Norway trip. Even though I wasn't there, I experienced the adrenaline of being on the edge. Then I dreamed of living on and beyond the edge.”

Yeah… it’s a nope from us.

Hotel G3