The Robots Are Coming For Our T-Shirt Designing Jobs

Thursday August 22, 2019 Written by James

In a move that’s put homo sapien fashion designers on notice, a small firm in New York City has developed an AI algorithm that churns out some rather spiffy t-shirts. Quite impressive, when you consider the program lacks arms or a torso.   

It works like this: boutique clothing company Cross & Freckle grabs open-source datasets of doodles submitted to Google Creative Lab’s Quick, Draw program. They run those illustrations through a purpose-built algorithm, and out the other end come machine-generated t-shirts, complete with images, brand names, logos and marketing copy. Cross & Freckle claim they don’t give the program any style guidance. This is pure, unadulterated Skynet fashion.

So what do robots think we should be wearing? Monochrome, apparently. Plain black and white tees seem to be the ‘optimal’ t-shirt design, although Cross & Freckle’s algorithms eventually settled on minimalist doodles of pizza slices, pigeons and subway rats. Make of that what you will.

Top image: Wired