The Sci-Fi Igloos of the Faroe Islands

Sunday August 11, 2019 Written by Smith

There’s no getting around it: Denmark’s Faroe Islands are nice on the eye. (You only need to take a gander at this photo series to see what we’re talking about.) So it’s important that any developers looking to cash in on Faroe’s rebounding tourism industry make sure to keep its natural beauty in tact.

We take our hats off to the designers behind these geodesic, grass-roofed igloos. Located in the small village of Kvivik, they hardly fit in with the old-world vibe most of the houses have going on. And yet, there’s something in their retro-futurist aesthetic that seems to add, rather than detract, from the view.

Each igloo is about 10 square meters in size. Apparently they’re pretty cosy, too: the heat provided by their small wood stoves is trapped in by its green roof. Proof that form and function can be properly wed, if developers put their minds to it.