These Designers Tried to Make the Humble Chair Interesting. We Think They Succeeded.

Monday May 27, 2019 Written by Toby

chair GZ

Millions of you just spent eight years obsessing over who would get to sit on a rather garish and uncomfortable-looking chair made out of swords. So we’re guessing you guys just really like chairs. Here are some more, then.

These ones are on display at The Chair, an exhibition currently showing at The Future Perfect gallery in New York. The exhibition asked a bunch of artists and designers to reinterpret everyone’s favourite four-legged piece of furniture (sorry, desk; not sorry, standing desk). The items are inspired by everything from Gene Wilder to ancient Meso-American civilisation to Boolean algebra to the Grand Canyon to an immortal horse from Greek mythology. Each looks interesting (if not entirely comfortable) in its own way – though we’re quite partial to Katie Kimmel’s Poodle Seat, which she describes as “a dumb dog with a dent in his head”.

chair G3

chair G4

chair G7

chair G8

chair G5

chair G9