The Neon Museum

Wednesday March 20, 2019 Written by chris

Whoever named Paris the City of Light clearly hadn’t seen Las Vegas’s casino-strewn strips. It’s hard to imagine the city without them but, like all things, even gaudy, building-sized lights have a lifespan. The Neon Museum is where they go to die.

Housing 150 retired signs across two acres, the museum was set up to preserve the city’s heritage that changing tastes, foreclosure and wear-and-tear had put into retirement. Restoring some to their former glory and letting others retain their dilapidated charm, the Neon Museum's ramshackle ‘boneyard’ serves as both a reminder of the city’s past (some items date back to the '30s) and a surreal replica of its iconography: viewed at ground level and stripped of their light bulbs, and vanity, the signs take on an uncanny, out of place presence.