Take a Ride On Your Own Tiny Train

Wednesday March 20, 2019 Written by Ronan

Like the idea of public transport but wish it were a tad more, well, private? France’s appropriately named HeHe design studio may have the solution: single-passenger vehicles that use existing tram and train lines.

From Tapis Volant’s magic carpet-style rider to the terrarium-like cylinder in Metronome, HeHe’s vehicles are certainly a creative take on getting around. They’re also something of a philosophical statement: the firm abides by something called the Artist Railway Network manifesto, which argues for the free use of the railways for all.

No word on the likelihood of the vehicles making their way to Australia, but if they do we’ll be boarding the Radeau de Sauvetage, a sailboat-esque carriage that looks both comfy and completely incongruous. Because that’s how we roll.