Bamboo Buildings of the Future

Friday March 15, 2019 Written by Smith

The future, we are told, is going to be green. These bamboo buildings take that idea to a very green extreme.

Created for Beijing Design Week by Chinese architecture firm Penda, this pavilion was made using nothing but bamboo and rope, making it one of the first truly 100 per cent natural, waste-free building designs in existence.

The modular system is designed to grow and change over time, allowing future residents to expand the building both horizontally and vertically. The designers hope that it might one day be used as the basis of a housing scheme to provide homes for 20,000 people.

Bamboo is often used as scaffolding in Asia, but designers are slowly turning to it as construction material in itself, which makes sense: not only is it in abundant supply (it can grow just under a metre in one day), but it’s also strong – two to three times stronger than steel. The only problem, it seems, might be panda-proofing it.

For read more about Penda’s design, head to Behance.