Making a Log Cabin on Wheels

Sunday March 10, 2019 Written by Chris


For the longest time, when somebody told you that they lived in a car, it was usually a sign that life wasn’t going quite as planned. (Think of Chris Farley’s thrice-divorced motivational speaker, or a down-on-her-luck Jewel.)

Of course, the times have a-changed since the early '90s. And while there are certainly still people for whom the car is a shelter of last resort (apparently it’s even a growing trend for struggling tech-heads in Silicon Valley), the tiny house ‘movement’ has made bunking in your automobile a tad more respectable; the domain of modern nomads as well as the working poor.

We’ve written about people doing the #vanlife thing before, but there are arguably few doing it as well as Cyrus Sutton. The American filmmaker first started living in a van 10 years ago, when he realised he hadn’t budgeted for accommodation while shooting a surf documentary in Australia. Since then he’s mastered the art of converting tiny spaces into functional homes.

His current abode – a thoroughly decked-out Freightliner – is like a wood cabin on wheels. (We particularly like the idea of a hammock workstation.) You can watch a short film about it below.