This Aussie Startup Wants to Turn Battered Old Four-Wheel-Drives into Green, Electric Machines

Wednesday March 06, 2019 Written by Smith

New Aussie startup Jaunt wants to take the ruggedly handsome Land Rovers of old and convert them into lean, green electric-powered machines. Machines capable of propelling you through the outback without burning through the planet’s very finite fossil fuels.

The idea – the brainchild of Dave Budge and Marteen Burger, pictured – is to create a fleet of up-cycled, vintage four-wheel-drives that travellers can rent out for weekend getaways and road trips across Australia. We think it’s a great idea, but Jaunt needs a little support to turn it into a reality. They’ve launched an Indigogo campaign to help raise the $50,000 it will take to convert their first Land Rover, dubbed Juniper, into an electric car. More vehicles will follow if Juniper sees the light of day.

The campaign closes at the end of the month, and you can help here, if it pleases you. (It should, at the very least, please Mother Earth.)

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