365 Knots in 365 Days

Saturday February 23, 2019 Written by Genevieve

To knot, or not to knot? That is the question artist Windy Chien must have asked herself before answering in the affirmative and embarking upon her epic project, The Year of Knots.

It’s all in the title, really. Chien spent a whole year learning and creating a new knot every day, a ritual that the Hawaiian artist says allowed her to “quickly access a blissful state of flow that had previously been so elusive”. As one might expect, 365 days of knotting amounts to a pretty tidy little collection of loop-swoop-and-pull combos, and Chien’s assortment is a particularly wonderful sight to behold.

Fashioned mostly from white chord, her knots are clean and nice on the eye, which masks just how fiendishly complicated some of them actually are.

Arranged in an intuitive sideways-tear-shape on a wall, the final sum of Windy’s labours is a calendar of industrial ingenuity. Or, as Windy puts it: “Every new knot is like learning a new letter in the alphabet. Alphabets and letters form words, and words communicate. So the knots are a new form of communication.”