Would You Drink Your Coffee from a Cup-Shaped Gourd?

Thursday February 14, 2019 Written by Taz

The cluey have been railing against the excesses of the coffee trade for years now. More than one billion disposable coffee cups are said to pass over Australian café counters per annum, less than 10 per cent of which end up being recycled. The plastic lids take centuries to biodegrade, fragmenting into microplastics that get ingested by sea life. Paper cups, meanwhile, are coated in a thin layer of unrecyclable plastic, and are often produced using virgin paper pulp, meaning trees are being chopped down to make items that will generally be used only once. It’s a shoddy set-up, all in all, and one that would be a greatly improved if coffee cups grew on trees – which is exactly what design firm Crème is trying to do. Their vision is to create coffee cups by cultivating gourds (a type of fast-growing fruit with a hard shell) in coffee cup-shaped moulds. Trials so far have proven promising: these cups are lightweight, watertight, and completely compostable. Just the kind of brainwave a caffeine hit should inspire.

Gourd G1

Gourd G2

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