This Domino Light is the Rube Goldberg Machine of Lamps

Tuesday January 29, 2019 Written by Toby

When Benjamin Franklin (allegedly) braved an electrical storm with nothing but a kite, key and cojones, he probably thought this new-fangled electricity thing would get easier to master as time went on and people learned how to, you know, harness the stuff efficiently. London design duo Glithero isn’t being much help. Their appropriately named Domino Light eschews the switch, the clapper and Franklin’s cumbersome, life-threatening kite method of harnessing electricity. In their place: a set of conductive copper dominoes.

Line them up, knock them down, and an electrical circuit is created, turning on a rather smart-looking classic Edison bulb. That said, one can’t help but wonder how you’d be able to line the dominoes up in the first place without the light on. But it’s not as though Glithero missed an important memo – their aim was to shed (ahem) light on the unsung physical processes behind technology. The fact that it takes time for the dominoes to topple is meant to make you think about what it actually takes to make a light shine. Which, sure. Though lighting a candle might be more efficient.