These Diorama-Like Bookends Mimic Tokyo’s Back Alleys

Thursday January 24, 2019 Written by Toby

Books may be portals into other worlds, but Tokyo-based designer monde is bringing some of that magic to the less-celebrated bookend. More than just deadweight to lean on, his bookends double as intricate dioramas of Japan’s famous roji, or back alleys, complete with finely wrought pipes, pot plants, air conditioning units and actually-lit streetlights.

The attention to detail is so attuned that the whole thing seems to suggest a bookish Toy Story-like existence that continues once the covers are closed. Peering down one of monde’s alleys, one can’t shake the feeling that a book character could at any given moment pop a head out a window to yell at another book character for blasting music late at night instead of, we don’t know, spending a quiet night in with a book.

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