A Mesmerising, Stop-Motion Journey Through a Chunk of Wood

Saturday January 19, 2019 Written by Genevieve

Forget your Kenny G playlists and hot bubble baths; our new favourite way to relax is watching this video of logs being chopped up. How could such a violent spectacle be relaxing, you ask? Because almost anything is calming when it's captured in that most mesmerising of forms, stop-motion animation.

Painstakingly filmed by animator Brett Foxwell and Conor Grebel (and accompanied by a score so smooth Kenny G would blush), WoodSwimmer is a mesmerising journey through the body of a tree. With each frame shot between the rotations of a milling machine, the film glides seamlessly through wood knots and veins, revealing dazzling kaleidoscopes of hidden forms. We recommend watching in full screen, then heading over to the duo’s online store and buying up all their WoodSwimmer posters.