A Visual History of '80s Video Companies

Saturday January 12, 2019 Written by Kane

The spirit of the VHS Age still has magnetism left in its tape yet. Housing close to 20,000 titles (they couldn’t tell you precisely how many), Scarecrow Video in Seattle is one of the largest independent video stores in the U.S. And thanks to a crowdfunded rebirth, they're now also an official non-profit dedicated to preserving video history.

We interviewed Drew Struzan, acknowledged king of the golden-age blockbuster movie poster, way back in volume 11. But for every Raiders of the Lost Ark or Goonies Struzan would paint, there were countless exploitation films made during the VHS boom which also needed covers. Flicks released as quickly as they could be duplicated by companies like Vestron Video, Vid-America Inc., and scores of others as obscure and disposable as the films they released.

Anyone born within earshot of the Reagan administration will remember what a distinct aesthetic – equal parts terrifying and laughable – they collectively formed, and this overwhelmingly comprehensive online museum-cum-mausoleum is good for several hours nostalgia remembering the ghosts of weeklies past.