Heavy Metal T-Shirts for the Least-Metal Musicians

Sunday January 06, 2019 Written by Genevieve

At first glance, these t-shirts look about as metal as they come. Winged demons? Check. Oozing corpses? Double check. Flaming pentagrams? You bet your black heart.

But then you realise that the jagged script slashed across the chest is not in fact Mötley Crüe, Battleaxe or AIIZ, but rather Mumford and Sons, Phil Collins, Nickelback and Celine Dion.  

Ok, so there’s a bit of bad spelling here and there, but if you can ignore that – and the fact that they don’t actually seem to be available anywhere (we don’t even know who made them) – these might just be the most perfect novelty t-shirts conceived. (Though this one is a close contender.)

Via Sad and Useless