The Museum of Kitsch Technology

Tuesday January 01, 2019 Written by Ronan

The nostalgia-inducing blog Future Forms is dedicated to the saving the zany gadgets of yesteryear from the dustbin of history.

Cutting edge for their day, many of the items have since slipped into laughably kitsch redundancy. (Though some, like a toilet-paper holder with a built in radio and telephone, were probably always naff, even for the gizmo-obsessed ’80s.)

Other items, however, still hold currency; namely products from the audio category, which blend Kubrick-esque retro-futurism with mid-century design and high-end electronics.

If these pictures are making you hungry for a bit of retail therapy (another late-20th century invention), you’re in luck: many of the products here are available for sale. The site also allows you to browse by category, brand, and even colour.

Because who couldn’t find a place in their life for a white Seiko talking egg, or a Zenith ultra miniature owl radio? Just make sure you add up the cost on your calcu-pen first – the past can get costly.