The Backpack Tent

Saturday December 29, 2018 Written by Genevieve

Have you ever passed an appealing spot in the middle of the city and wished you could just stop and stay put for a few hours? That’s the kind of thing Israeli architecture student David Shatz wants people to do more often: to exercise their civic rights by experiencing public spaces fully, not just as thoroughfares.

So, with the help of designer Tal Gor, Shatz invented the ‘Melina’ – a backpack that folds out into a slim, one-person-sized tent designed for sudden stints in unlikely urban settings. Lightweight but durable, Melina is like a cocoon you can fold up accordion-style at a moment’s notice.

Increased mobility and security mean greater freedom from the practical concerns that can inhibit wanderers with a penchant for unusual, lengthy pausing. Plus, it looks awesome – if admittedly a little impractical. Head to Designboom for more info.