Nab This Free Moon Wall Hanging in Smith Journal 29

Thursday December 20, 2018 Written by Smith

Moon Fb1

Our species is prone to worry. Case in point: the moment we finally figured out our planet’s place in the solar system, we began fretting about something big crashing into us. Really, though, it should be the moon that’s worried: as the free art card inside every copy of Smith Journal volume 29 shows, asteroids slam into it with startling regularity.

If that makes the moon a dangerous place to hang out on, it also makes it darn easy on the eye: craters form on its surface like concentric circles in one very busy Venn diagram. That fact clearly wasn’t lost on Archie Archambault, the U.S. graphic designer behind Archie's Press who makes all sorts of infographics out of concentric circles, from city maps to taco charts and, yes, the moon.

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