Giveaway: Norlan Rauk Heavy Tumbler

Wednesday December 19, 2018 Written by Smith

To get the most out of your whisky, you first have to select the right vessel from which to sup it. Single malts prefer a ‘nosing glass’; the container’s tulip shape channelling the drink’s precious aromas towards the rim. But if you take your whisky on ice, or mixed into a cocktail, you’ll need something larger and more robust. To say that Norlan’s Rauk Heavy Tumbler does the trick is an understatement. Made from single slabs of machine-pressed crystal, the thing is exceptionally sturdy. An array of chevrons on the interior provides extra friction points for those looking to muddle their cocktails, while the base’s tapered points make the glass appear like it’s hovering in the air – a delightfully odd touch for something so weighty.

To celebrate the tumbler’s return to the drinking room, we have some Rauk Heavy Tumblers to give away. To go in the draw, sling us your details here.