365 Spoons in 365 Days

Thursday December 13, 2018 Written by Smith

Stian Korntved Ruud doesn’t do things by halves. When the budding industrial designer decided he needed to improve his woodworking skills, he settled on a rather OCD method of self-improvement: “I thought that making some small object every day was a nice way to learn,” he told Wired in 2015. “A colleague of mine said maybe you should make one every day for a year. And I said, ‘Why not, let’s see what happens.’”

Flash forward 12 months and Ruud is now the proud owner/creator of 365 unique, hand-carved wooden spoons. It’s interesting to see how they change and evolve with each iteration. The collection starts off looking recognisably spoon-ish, but quickly descends into a level of form-over-function abstraction, as if Ruud is asking, What is a spoon, really?

We have no idea, but we like what we see. If you do too, you can check out the series at the Kode gallery in Bergen, or grab one of these prints showcasing the collection in all its arty, soup slurping beauty.