The Company We Keep

Monday December 10, 2018 Written by Smith


At Smith Journal, we love stories about people with vision – talented folk who dropped what they were doing and took a punt on a new endeavour. Pick up any volume of the magazine and you’ll find a few dozen such stories, usually focusing on adventurers, or craftspeople, artists and inventors. You’ll also find a curated selection of brands that have stories to tell, too. In volume 29, we went behind the scenes to tell a few of these stories with The Company We Keep. It's a special feature that shines the spotlight on some seriously Smithy outfits, from modern whisky distillers to accidental hip-hop icons, leathergoods start-ups and Swiss watchmakers. And now you can read the whole feature, online, for free. May it inspire your inner punt-taker.

SJ x company we keep

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