Turning Art into Video Games

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Turning Art into Video Games

Friday November 09, 2018 Written by Genevieve


Like art? How about video games? You’re in luck. Kristiana Hansen, a designer and programmer from the University of Wyoming, has blended the two, and the result is as addictive as it is culturally refined.

Inspired by an idea put forward by a member of online creative community b3ta, Hansen created a version of the classic Pong video game that takes place within a Piet Mondrian artwork.

Needless to say, MondriPong is a delight for the senses. And as your red and blue paddles bat a yellow square back and forth in that iconic black and white grid, you’ll slowly forget that you’re merely playing a game that’s been out since the early ’70s: no, your engaging in art. You culture vulture, you.