Giveaway: Norlan Whisky Glasses

Thursday October 25, 2018 Written by Taz


It’s a matter that’s split drinkers of fine whisky for aeons: is the tumbler the supreme vessel from which to quaff your tipple? Or does that title go to the copita, a ‘nosing’ glass specially shaped to best-smell whisky?

The wide brim of the tumbler, say its proponents, allows you to maintain eye contact with your drinking pals while you sip. The downside is that the drink’s aromatics end up diffusing too widely, meaning you lose some of the tasting notes. Nosing glasses, on the other hand, concentrate and direct the vapour into your nose. Alas, their tapered design means you have tilt your head back in order to drink your spirit, making the drinking experience an introspective one.

So now you know the dilemma all whisky drinkers must face: curse yourself to a diminished sensual experience, or social ostracisation?

At least, that was the dilemma. By blending different design components from each glass into the one, the Norlan Whisky Glass offers the best parts of both. Its flared inner walls and profusion forms mean the whisky is freer to ‘express’ itself. Its chubby form and widened aperture make for good ‘social ergonomics.’ Its faceted base allows you to hold your glass and admire your drop without grubbying the bowl with your fingerprints.

Better still, it looks great – and we have some sets to give away. To go in the draw to get your mitts on one, sling us your details here.