It Turns Out Famous People Have Way Better Stationery Than You

It Turns Out Famous People Have Way Better Stationery Than You

Friday October 26, 2018 Written by Ronan

We’ve long been fans of Letters of Note – the digital repository of famous people’s snail-mail.

The content of the letters might draw you in, but often its what they’re written on (paper, envelopes, cocktail napkins) that ends up holding our attention the most.

Shaun Usher, the site’s creator, clearly digs the design element too, because he’s created a new site, Letterheady, that focuses exclusively on showcasing the stationery the letters were written on.

If obsessing over fonts, GSM grades and other papery flourishes is your thing, you’ll find Letterheady deeply satisfying. But even if graphic design’s not your bag, there’s still plenty to hold your interest. 

For example: maybe you want to fantasise about receiving a letter from Dizzy GillespieMichael Jordan or the Mayor of Twin Peaks? Much easier when you know what paper they’d be using.

There are also examples from Kate Bush, Frank Lloyd Wright, Richard Simmons, Kermit the Frog (well, his fan club) and the dearly departed intergalactic visitor David Bowie.

The weirdest example, though, is from the desk of Charles Manson. We had no idea the man was so into office supplies.

If you have any examples you think would make worthy additions to the collection, Usher allows you to submit them here.