The Self-Solving Rubik’s Cube

Tuesday October 02, 2018 Written by Chris

Tired of solving your Rubik’s Cubes by hand, like a sucker? No? Well it doesn’t matter, because the mad genius behind Japanese YouTube channel Human Controller has gone ahead and invented a self-solving robotic Rubik’s Cube anyway. 

It may defeat the very purpose of even playing with a Rubik’s Cube, but we have to admit watching this thing work its dark magic is a thing of very strange beauty. And mystery: to date, no one has worked out exactly how the machine works. Some have speculated that the Cube isn't actually 'solving' itself so much as it is ‘remembering’ what moves were made during the mixing process, and then simply performing them in reverse. However, the engineering boffins over at Metafilter reckon the Cube isn't just reversing its moves, and is in fact solving itself by unknown means that may or may not indicate that the robot uprising is nigh.

Equal parts impressive and inane, if true.