Are Bomb Shelters the Next Home Renovation Trend?

Wednesday August 15, 2018 Written by Sam


Whether it’s global politics or global warming, there’s enough disaster looming in the ether to jangle the nerves of a Buddhist monk. So it makes sense that an increasing number of anxious citizens (at least over in the U.S.) are buying themselves peace of mind by building themselves underground nuclear bunkers. And we’re not just talking Doomsday preppers here: these are ordinary Americans taking measured steps to protect themselves and their families.

Nuclear bunkers for the home come in options to suit most budgets. Even the bottom-of-the-line models come equipped with an air filtration system, water, food, beds and toilet, and are designed to keep their occupants alive for at least 28 days (the minimum time required to wait out radiation from a nuclear bomb). More upmarket models include extras such as a shower and bullet-proof door, while top dollar scores you an exercise room, a hot tub, a pool table and whatever else you can squeeze into 510 square metres.

BOmb G4

Obviously an underground bunker has its uses during non-apocalyptic times too. They make fabulous wine cellars, for example, not to mention convenient storage rooms or home offices. To read more about the trend (or start researching your options), head over to the Culture Trip

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