Tomato Sauce is Set to be Sold by the Slice

Wednesday May 02, 2018 Written by Taz Liffman
Wide Tomsauce 620x465
Brace yourself culinary world, things have really been ramping up on the innovation front of late. Firstly, some highly entrepreneurial boffins from a company called Bo’s Fine Foods have raised AU$34,660 of their $19,391 Kickstarter campaign to bring tearable slices of tomato sauce into the marketplace – and they still have nine days of crowd-saucing to go. Slice of Sauce promises to be ‘All Natural’, ‘No Mess’, ‘Gluten-free' and ‘Flavour Packed’. Its introduction will mean a more equitable, if less exciting, distribution of ketchup for all who buy into/share of its spoils. Its website also claims that you can ‘Take it anywhere’, though why you’d want to take Slices of Sauce into the ocean, a board meeting, or bed with you is really nobody’s business. What thinks the internet of all this? Predictably, some people have put their money where their tomato sauce smeared pie–holes are, some have called foul, some aren’t quite sure what to make of the ruckus, and anyone remotely sensible of mind hasn't cared less.
Meanwhile, Skipping Rocks Lab, a sustainable packaging start-up on the other side of the Atlantic, has pioneered a technology that genuinely has the potential to better the world. Not cool with the scale and rate at which people are still purchasing single-use plastic bottles that take up to 1000 years to biodegrade (and often contain stuff that can be got from a tap), Skipping Rocks have developed a 100% biodegradable water capsule made from seaweed and plant extract. Once disposed of, Ooho! Naturally composts in under a week – though you can also eat it if you’d like to dispose of it more personally. Happily, Ooho! too have nearly doubled their crowdfunding target