Brutalist Coffee Machine to Kickstart your Brutal Mornings

Friday February 23, 2018 Written by suzi

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The AnZa espresso machine is the lovechild of a Californian design studio and an espresso repair shop. The repair folks were getting sick of seeing the same-looking espresso machines coming in for fixing, day in, day out, so the industrial designers – with whom they share a workspace and no doubt, many cups of coffee – decided to come up with their own. This one's made of concrete, steel, brass and glass, and it's the culmination of four years of idea perculation and prototyping. Apparently, it is also equipped with connectivity, giving users remote access. So you can brew your own cup while you're still in bed, to help lure you out of it. The next prototype might also put your toast on for you and iron your pants, but that is unconfirmed. 

If brutalist design and coffee is your thing, you can support their crowdfunding campaign and land your own concrete treasure for around $800. Not sure whether that includes postage...

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Image: Montaag