Houses Built on Cliffs

Saturday January 27, 2018 Written by garry

cliffhouse 620

OK, so the Swedes have already designed and built some pretty mad houses – like the Mirror Cube Treehouse and the famous giant bird's nest. But now they're turning their attention to cliff faces. Yes, they are.

Nestinbox is a design that draws inspiration from birds who nest on cliff faces. It's a 50-square-metre, three-level abode suitable for two people with strong stomachs and who do not have vertigo or issues with sleepwalking. The wooden home would sit safely on horizontal anchors in the form of steel beams secured into the rock face.

It’s innovative but not a completely novel idea; there are examples from around the world of homes that have been carved out of (or into) cliffs. Most, though, are from right back in Medieval times – like the ones found in Split, Croatia and La Roque Gageac in France. None, though, protrude or dangle quite as spectacularly as the Nestinbox. It could just be a case of Utopian paper architecture... but we hope this design isn't up in the air, leaving us all hanging.