A Must-See Before You Die: the Brion Cemetery

Sunday January 07, 2018 Written by gen

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No boxes of chocolates for guessing the one concept humans absolutely fail to wrap their/our heads around... and that's Death, kids. We try our darndest, though – through storytelling, art, music, architecture, ritual – to process the fact that one day, we're all going to cark it.  

If death is brutal, then it's fitting that admirers of the Brutalist movement in architecture are going mad for The Brion Tomb, designed by Italian architect Carlo Scarpa (pictured below). Situated near Treviso, Italy, behind a much more traditional cemetery, The Brion Tomb is considered to be an architectural masterpiece. It houses the remains of Giuseppe Brion, founder of an electronics company, his wife Onorina, who commissioned the tomb from family friend Scarpa in 1969, and their family.

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As you'll see from these pics, though, we use the term ‘tomb’ rather loosely here – the monument isn’t so much one building as it is a series of beautiful, ominous structures encompassing and leading to a pool, a garden, and the final resting places of the Brions. Touchingly, the site also holds the body of Carlo Scarpa himself, who died suddenly only a few years after designing it.

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Images: Wikimedia