The Opulent Train Stations of Moscow

Sunday November 05, 2017 Written by Amy

Australian metro stations are lucky to score some decorative tiling, or a non-cracked plastic timetable nailed to the wall. But step off a train in Moscow and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d arrived at the Winter Palace

Architect-turned-photographer David Burdeny had to battle Russian bureaucracy for permission to photograph these metro stations after hours. But it paid off in these eerily beautiful images.

The metro stations were designed under Stalin as communist propaganda – they were his “palaces for the people”, perhaps to distract the masses from the reality of his terrible atrocities. What’s that? You’re upset about the forced labour camps? But just look at this vaulted mosaic ceiling! So ungrateful. 

We don't have chandeliers in our underground stations; but we do have a bench for the people, along with handy bins, the odd pigeon and kiosks to buy a potato cake with sauce. 

Photography: David Burdeny