Ultimate Glamping

Thursday October 12, 2017 Written by Garry

hostel hero

The Together Hostel is basically for people who want to replicate the atmosphere of camping at a music festival without the throbbing bass, missing tent pegs and mud. Indoor ‘tents’ – mini timber houses with frosted polycarbonate walls – provide a little more privacy than your average hostel bed and are arranged in groups that sort–of resemble the way you might pitch a tent with your mates. There are also communal areas including a theatre space – the equivalent to the campfire or dusty dancing pit – to encourage social connection.

So where is this low-budget-accommodation utopia? Beijing, as it happens. You can tell your friends that you went camping in the centre of the second–most–populous city in the world, and didn’t have to hammer a single tent peg (let alone dig a hole).

Designed by the clever folks at Beijing’s Cao Pu Studio.


Images via Architizer