These Tiny Models Pay Tribute to the Endangered Corner Store

Saturday August 04, 2018 Written by Genevieve

Drew Leshko knows a bit about loss. The Philadelphian has experienced enough of it in his life to focus a recent exhibition on the matter, creating painstakingly crafted sculptures in memory of long-gone loved ones. By which of course we mean long-lost buildings.

The Only Constant is a tribute to the forgotten urban landmark; the dishevelled old corner store, the family-owned pizza shop, the run-down laundromat, the small-time pharmacy with the permanently closed roller door.

Leshko’s collection laments the endangered status of independent businesses and locally operated franchises that once existed in his native Philadelphia. Recreated from photographs and memory, he’s rendered each of the wood and paper scale models with impressive accuracy, down to the faded paint on a sign, a loose wire snaking up the side of a façade, and a blot of oil staining a ‘concrete’ ramp.

The result is an affecting collection that drives home the relentless way urban spaces are changing, and asks us to question what is being lost in the name of progress. They're also just really nice to look at, which you can do over here.