Your Favourite TV Show Sets as 3D Models

Monday February 13, 2017 Written by Garry

Mad Men

These aren’t the first TV show model floor plans we’ve ever seen. (For that you’d have to go to Charles Brogdon’s crafty miniatures, or these ones by Inaki Aliste Lizarralde.) But they are certainly the most accurate, and by a long shot.

It probably helps that the company who made them, a global real estate marketing firm called Drawbotics, turns floor plans in 3D models for a living. To spruik their skills, the company’s staff watched countless hours of office-based TV shows, worked out where all the characters sat, and gave the set the proper architectural treatment.

Pigs Rec

From the mid-century furniture-laden office of Mad Men, to The IT Crowd’s far more lived-in hovels, the sets are nothing if not detailed. But it’s not just the technical precision that gets us; it’s the many Easter eggs hidden within, like Ron’s landmine in Parks and Recreation, Jared’s camp bed in the Silicon Valley home office, and the many toys, posters and stickers faithfully recreated in The IT Crowd office.

It’s also, let’s face it, a clever marketing ploy for Drawbotics to draw attention to their brand. The bastards got us.


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