Indie Games: Lissitzky's Revenge

Wednesday June 10, 2015 Written by Ronan

Good video games often take inspiration from the world around them (think SimCity and Minecraft). But in the case of Lissitzky’s Revenge – a new in-browser game by Christopher Totten – inspiration came in the form of a propaganda poster from the Soviet Union.

Designed by artist El Lissitzky in 1919 and titled Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge, the poster was the kind of impenetrably abstract work that The Simpsons parodied with Worker & Parasite. Lissitzky’s Revenge takes the parody a little further.

The game tasks you – a small but viciously determined red arrow – to achieve communist superiority by knocking down black barriers and destroying a white circle (of course), all the while avoiding “constructivist interpretations of classic arcade games such as Frogger”.

Despite the obscure historical and artistic references, Lissitzky’s Revenge actually has all the necessary elements for good, playable, arcade-style fun. While unlikely to unseat Tetris as the best Russian-themed puzzle game, Totten’s creation is a worthy companion in a genre we just made up.