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Show fealty to our new robotic overlords by wearing these AI-designed T-shirts.

Don't forget your bathers (and vertigo medication).

Iranian photographer Alireza Rostami transformed this pile of electrical junk into a working (if unwieldy) camera.

Here are those grass-roofed, geodesic igloos you ordered.

Tokyo subway employee Shuetsu Sato has garnered a cult following for his helpful worksite signs. 

Sure, you could just go outside. But nature can’t hold a candle to the splendour of ’80s and ’90s pixel art.

A new game adds the stress of Soviet-era urban planning to the already stressful game of Tetris.

The internet has made them ubiquitous. But as these sun-bleached charts and diagrams make clear, infographics have been with us since well before the computer – and they may have even shaped the arc of human history itself.  

The Memo Archive

Wednesday June 12, 2019

Aaron James Draplin has been collecting agricultural crop notebooks from the early 20th century and uploading them to his eye-catching database for us all to gawk at.

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