Yelping with Cormac

Friday November 25, 2011 Written by luke

Cormac McCarthy wrote The Road and No Country for Old Men, but we're pretty sure he never penned a piece on Taco Bell, until now. If you're a fan of the great man, read on.

The Tumblr ecosystem, much like the real world ecosystem, is a mixed bag. For every skerrick of genius there's endless trenches of half-assedness, bile and derivation to wade through, an overwhelming cacophony of internet errata polluting your browser. But when something clicks, when a Tumblr hits that effortlessly perfect register of form and content, it can suddenly feel like you're witnessing the unveiling of the goddamn Sistine Chapel.

Enter Yelping with Cormac, wherein someone writing in the style of Cormac McCarthy (an all round cheery dude) posts Yelp reviews of local businesses. It's pitch perfect, legitimately funny and the sort of thing that makes us sit back in our chairs, exhale slightly and wonder how the internet ever got to be so good. Start with the Taco Bell Trilogy and work your way back from there. Consider it this week's literary endeavour.