The Sticky Institute

Friday December 30, 2011 Written by nadia

If you haven't heard of The Sticky Institute, but you're fond of zines/publishing then this one's for you.

Sticky is an artist-run initiative based in Melbourne, which has spent the last four-something years promoting the creation of, reading of, and longevity of handmade publications.

Located in Melbourne's underground (the Degraves Street Subway under Flinders Street Station) Sticky is packed with saddle stitched and stapled zines, with subject matter that includes everything from punk rock and tattooos, to pooing in Singapore. They sure aren't afraid to get personal. 

If the storefront isn't in your immediate neighbourhood no matter, the inhouse mail department will send most publications to your neighbourhood anyway.

Every year the institute hosts The Festival of the Photocopier in February too. Table registrations are underway right now, so if you happen to handmake publications we suggest that you get clicking.

Images: Precinkt and The Shopping Sherpa